Quality Management

The major aim

The major aim of the INVEST Sp. z o.o. is its own development by keeping the former and attracting the new customers. The quality policy is the crucial element of the development strategy of our company and it aims to strengthen the company position on the market.


The strategic goal of INVEST Sp. z o.o. is to provide its Customers with the highest level of commercial and support services related to delivering comprehensive ceramic services, i.e. design, selection of supplies of fireproof materials, assembly and support services. The provision of the Company’s services is based on specific, individual requirements and expectations of the Customers operating in different industries such as steel industry, non-ferrous metals industry, cement and lime industry, and other sectors using fireproof materials in thermal devices according to concluded contracts and undertakings.


The Company’s Quality Policy is to be implemented by undertaking the following activities:

We set the Company’s goals in the cause and effect thinking process based on risk prevention, looking for the most effective ways to prevent risk, based on the experience of the Company’s Stakeholders and legal regulations.

We are stakeholder-oriented by clearly communicating their key role in the implementation of the scheduled tasks impacting the Company’s operations.

We achieve our systems approach to management by improving our planning (processes), performance, verification, correction of implemented tasks cycles at specific stages of the Company’s operations.

We constantly keep looking for new solutions helping increase management effectiveness and achieve goals.

We exercise our leadership through setting new directions, providing assistance in task implementation, and educating leaders (department and branch leaders) on attitudes supporting employees’ activities.

Employee involvement is achieved by actively including our employees in the Company’s quality management, education, enhancing awareness of the importance of quality, development and raising awareness (including individual and group awareness) in effective action.

Our process-based approach and thinking is achieved by identifying, documenting, correcting and constantly improving the Company’s processes, searching for the most effective algorithm of system development. We put major focus on the results and assessment of undertaken activities.

We achieve continuous improvement by constantly searching for new opportunities for improving the quality of our goals, activities, products and services.

We expand the Company’s business perspectives by building strong relationships with our Stakeholders by looking for and selecting partners with compatible goals and by setting terms of cooperation based on consensus and support in achieving shared goals.

To promote the development of both the Company and its Stakeholders, we continue to improve as a learning organization, applying management through knowledge.

Our quality policy is implemented by all employees of the Company by taking responsibility for the results of achieving the set goals.

We realise the current quality policy by:

The Company’s revenue is used to improve the quality of life of its Stakeholders by satisfying their needs, improving their relations and building trust between them.

The Company’s Stakeholders are: internal clients (its supervisory board, shareholders, employees and their families), external clients (its co-operators, suppliers, end customers, banks, state and local government institutions).

Considering the Company’s scope of operations, we undertake to:

  1. Provide our existing and future Customers with excellent customer service both in terms of quality and commercial aspects.
  2. Provide products and services that meet statutory and regulatory requirements of the Customers.
  3. Adapt the Company’s services and materials to the needs and changing requirements of the Customers.
  4. Increase the Company’s share in the market of suppliers of fireproof materials and service providers.
  5. Increase the Company’s sales while constantly reducing costs.
  6. Strengthen customer trust and the Company’s image of a reliable supplier and provider of comprehensive services by assuring quality, timeliness and security of the Company’s technological solutions to maintain the existing Customers and acquire new ones.
  7. Ensure customer satisfaction with the cooperation with the Company and the quality of its products / services.
  8. Continuously improve the Company’s processes based on the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Companies liabilities

The Company’s Top Management undertake to take responsibility for the development and effectiveness of the quality management system according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and declare to integrate the system’s requirements into the business processes, providing the resources necessary to achieve the set goals.

The quality management system policy is known, available, communicated (to employees, suppliers, subcontractors), revised and evaluated as part of management reviews.  


 President of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer

Leon Marcieniec

Ropczyce, Mar. 3, 2020, Rev. 2